Innovative Design Strategies for Battery Cold Plates and Busbars

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Originally Aired - Thursday, September 14 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Location: Open Tech Forum

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Event Type: Session

Session Format: Open Tech Forum Session

Level: All

Description: This presentation will discuss the new possibilities that emerge when generative design is applied to the design of battery cold plates and busbars. Cold plates are critical components that help dissipate the heat the battery generates. Using generative design, it can be explored a vast range of design options offering improved cooling performance. This can lead to better thermal uniformity, which is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the battery.
Busbars are components that distribute the electrical current within the battery. They play a critical role in ensuring the battery operates efficiently and safely. The use of generative design delivers a busbar design with improved electrical current distribution, reducing the weight of the component.


  • Improved performance and efficiency of busbars and battery cold plates in EV battery packs: The innovative design strategies proposed in this session using generative design algorithms can significantly enhance the thermal management of EV battery packs, leading to improved performance, efficiency, and reliability of the battery system
  • Time Savings: Generative design technique can provide an optimal design autonomously, requiring only 10 minutes of engineering time. This approach allows engineers to explore unconventional design options that may not have been feasible with traditional methods
  • Environmental Benefits: The increased adoption of EVs is due to their environmental benefits. The proposed innovative design strategies can further improve the efficiency of the battery system, reducing energy consumption, and further minimizing the environmental impact of EVs

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